Geneviève Ruiz works as a journalist and communication project manager for more than fifteen years. Based in Geneva, she produces quality articles and books and manages the production of print or web magazines, as well as various media (press releases, annual reports, brochures…). Her extensive experience with public organizations has allowed her to develop a good understanding of the functionning of institutions. 

Geneviève Ruiz has been responsible for Hémisphères magazine since 2017. She has been collaborating with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO), the Swiss National Science Foundation and the editors Médecine & Hygiène since 2016.

Previously, Geneviève Ruiz worked for the media agency LargeNetwork for eight years. She attended the Swiss French School of Journalism in Lausanne, graduating with a major distinction: le Prix Jean-Pierre Chuard.

She has a degree in political sciences and a Certificate  in geography and history from the University of Lausanne and is registered as a Media professional. In 2019, she obtained a certificate of continuing education in digital content production at the CFJM. Of Swiss and Canadian nationality, she loves to spend her spare time exploring nature with her family.

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